What's SWAB?

But what is that name?

Swab comes from german. In fact it is written swabian and designates the southwestern region of Germany where Carolin - one of the creators - comes from. Being a Swabian is first and foremost  to be proud of this region where many renowned companies like Hugo Boss, Mercedes Benz and Porsche are located. Apart from these world-famous names, being Swabian also means being frugal. When we speak Swabian, we have a very special accent, which the other Germans have a hard time understanding.. Yesterday ashamed, the Swabians accept their difference today and say with humor: the Swabians know how to do everything, except to speak German without an accent. And yes, the Swabians have the reputation of being economical at the edge of being stingy , but another reputation makes almost forget all this: the Swabian is hardworking, imaginative and extremely tenacious. Therefore the saying: "schaffe, schaffe Häusle baue!" Which means work hard, work strong in order to build a house. And that is how they got the motto for their label: to create functional and useful objects without ever forgetting the playful and funny side of it.