Here is a selection of a few points of sale.
Do not hesitate to contact us to let you know the nearest point of sale to your home. 

Walpa - Japan

The worldwide wallpaper portal site 

Osaka, Osaka 551-0013 JAPAN

Specialists in wallcoverings and wallpaper techniques, at first we are very passionate about the products. And because we are curious we thought we would love to know more about paper from all the world. In addition, we do believe there are other people like us who'd love to know more.

So we thought about WALPA!

CAIRO - Germany

Cairo Designstore Frankfurt – Große Eschenheimer Straße 9 –60313 Frankfurt am Main 

Cairo Designstore München – Tal 30 – 80331 München

Cairo Designstore Nürnberg – Kaiserstraße 37 – 90403 Nürnberg

Matière Grise - France

4, rue Genty Magre

31000 Toulouse

What a joy to discover new places during my walks in Toulouse! Last week, I was surprised by this new concept store at 4 rue Genty Magre: Matière Grise. Original and totally for my taste, let yourself embark in this place that I think will become one of my favorites!