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Wooden scriptures ONO DECO swabdesign
  • Wooden scriptures ONO DECO swabdesign
  • Wooden scriptures ONO DECO swabdesign
  • Wooden scriptures ONO DECO swabdesign

Wooden scriptures ONO

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An encyclopedia of linguistic sounds. Its special sound for every event. Express your feelings in different languages - funny and surprising


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Decorative wooden scripture

Do you know what onomatopoeia is? Onomato ... what? Onomatopoeia is the attempt to imitate noise or natural sounds linguistically. You have certainly already made use of it, because onomatopoeia is often used to imitate the sound of a being, an animal or an object. Some are improvised spontaneously to express an emotion, others are used to realise a sound image of an event. However, the spelling of such sounds differs greatly in each language. Crows of a cock are expressed for example by Germans with kikeriki, French with cocorico and English with cock-a-doodle-doo.

Our ONOMATOPEDIA takes the funniest and most surprising. An ideal gift to express joy, love and gathering - but not only ...


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