No more mess !


No more mess !

Between the adolescent and the storage, one can not say that it is the great love story. It must be admitted that his concerns are far removed from those of running a house. As in addition he needs to preserve his privacy, he does not see with a very good eye that you do the cleaning in his room. In order to prevent the issue of storage from becoming a source of conflict between your teenager and yourself, you will have to organize your room to make it as easy as possible based on your priorities, namely dress, friends and studies .

The first design of the hook is scribbled on a piece of towel between the dish and the dessert. It required a coat hook with multiple functions in order to face the mountain of clothes, bag and shoes in the room of our teenager. A hook and a pin- what better than a clothespin for the pin side and its asymmetry for the hangs. The ingenious system of the internal stop makes it possible to suspend a maximum of clothes. The bags are pinched underneath.


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